We’re in this together!

We see a world where education is supported holistically and begins with emotionally healthy families.


Welcome to PODS! Parent Online Developmental Support Groups are Virtual Zoom groups that meet weekly with families in the same district or stage of school life to remind you that you are not alone, and there is help! Sign up here to start receiving emotional support, strategies, spiritual encouragement, and connections with others in a fun and safe environment!

Semester 1 of PODS will run for 6-weeks on varying nights at 7-8pm from 8/24-10/3/20.

Our Mission

The Education Coalition is an initiative to create a strategic community of emotional support for families right where they are, whether it’s at home during a pandemic, or trying to navigate a new season of life.


What families are facing this school year is different, hard, and stressful. We believe we can be available to help fill gaps, build community, and meet needs families are facing… at the same time offering life groups, co-ops, and more through home churches.

– Education Coalition


By simply being connected we are stronger, so we intend to connect families with churches, organizations, and other families to build a network of support.


When we work together it doesn’t take much to make a difference in the lives around us. By committing to help where we can, communities will become healthy and thrive.


Supporting takes action when individuals and partners give hope to local families through their dedicated service, generous donations, and persistent prayers.

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